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Scott Schwarz

Like a lot of young people having trouble finding their first job out of college, I settled for a job at an insurance company because they were the first ones smart enough (crazy enough?) to hire me. Surprisingly, that turned out to be a good thing. 

Most of my 28 years of financial and insurance industry experience has been in the home office environment as a Life Underwriter, New Business Development Manager and Director of Broker Dealer Direct, a processing center handling applications from Financial Advisors. This enabled me to learn the products and how they help people without the bias of what pays the most commission or what was the trendy marketing pick.

The natural next step in my progression has been getting together one-on-one with people in the field, helping them benefit from my experience and understand the available options and how they help them to reach their objectives so they can grow and protect their financial future.

I truly believe doing what's best for my clients is the only way to go and will always result in the best for both of us.

I am an adoptive father to my daughter Mabry, a group fitness instructor and a graduate of the University of Illinois.

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